Bo.ttega Kelowna Wedding Shoot- Okanagan Wedding Inspiration

Sometimes you just want to get your friends together and play... play with light, with fabric, with beautiful dresses and soft blankets. You want to put your hands on everything and have time to arrange and rework and share stupid jokes. (ok the joke thing I do all the time) People ask me why do a styled shoot, and I tell them because it makes me better. I get to work with vendors I admire and work with throughout the season but on our terms when we can goof around and take time to play with things we wouldn't normally be able to. It stretches us and lets us breathe new life into what we're doing. And when you're buds are incredibly talented you want to work harder to show off their talents.

With this shoot, Sara Knol of Top Knot Weddings and I talked alot about stripping back while dreaming up the concept together. We live in a time with lots of noise (good and bad) lots of opinions (requested or not) and lots of information (hello Internet!) We loved the concept of less is more and were drawn to the elements of Wabi Sabi aesthetic. Wabi Sabi is a very comprehensive, in-depth Japanese aesthetic which I won't get into here, but at it's basic concept it is the beauty of imperfection. It is slow, uncluttered, and simple. We were inspired by the wisdom in simplicity and imperfection; combining elegance with the serenity of natural elements.

We loved the idea of an intimate event, that facilitates amazing food, conversation and appreciation for simplicity. Our take was to use natural textures, a soft palette, and simple but elegant forms when choosing the dresses and dinner ware.

When we looked at what we might serve we chose dishes that felt homemade but also felt like handmade art, influenced more by the local ingredients and a connection to the season.

We chose Bo.ttega for its modern feel; featuring natural materials, with a clean lines and beautiful finishing. Our goal was to have space to think, breathe and not be overwhelmed. Beauty doesn't have to be overdone. It can be understated with the right elements.


Thank you to all the amazing vendors who took part and brought their A-game.  And a BIG thank you to Tanya & Kirman for modelling for us.

Styling: Top Knot Weddings

Florals: A New Leaf Floral Design

Stationary: Erin Sinclair

Hair: Styled by MUAH

Makeup: Shimmer and Gloss

Food: One Big Table

Venue: Bo.ttega

Dresses: Aritizia (white), Blonde (taupe), Reformation (pale blue), Zara (midnight blue)



Kelowna Wedding Photographer- Wild Love Styled Shoot

I'm a fan of all things pretty. And all things sweet. And all things nice. As a wedding photographer in Kelowna I am lucky enough to shoot some gorgeous venues & weddings. But sometimes, sometimes I just want to sit down and drink an old-fashion and talk about my secret wish of getting a sleeve (of tattoos), and use a lot of swear words. You know? Get a little more rugged and tough and just kinda a little bit bad. But that doesn't always happen.  

EXCEPT, when we shot this styled wedding shoot. This past spring, along with the amazingly talented, Lauren of  Perspective Event Designs, and Christina from Classic Creations Floral designs, we came up with a concept based on a couple running off to the woods to get hitched, ditching everyone to taste a little freedom. We were inspired by a more rugged, wild and free kind of love; a west coast, banjo-playing, whiskey drinking, Bonnie and Clyde (without the dead bodies) kind of characters who also happened to be ridiculously in love. 

Not only did they style and help plan, but Lauren also sourced locally or handmade all the decor pieces used, and Christina designed and styled the bouquet and tablescape. 

This shoot would be nothing without the we had amazing, wonderful team of vendors from some of the very best in the industry. Melanie Feeny from Shimmer & Gloss was the makeup artist, Ashley Nitti from Mint Hair Salon was our Hairstylist, Laura Ayotte from Dandelion Willows designed & printed all the stationary and invitations, Tanis Giesbrecht baked and designed the cake and breads, and when we couldn't find a dress that fit the theme of the shoot, my very own momma stepped in and whipped up that boho wedding gown. 

And of course, our fabulous models, who bared hail, wind, stormy conditions, were easy to work with, and laughed with us the whole shoot.  Rod Anderson and Alex Kimiko thank you. 

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