Family round-up

Last fall I was so blessed to work with some beautiful. amazing families- and I didn't blog them! Yikes! After our surprise addition arrived in June, I was pretty much in survival mode and things like blogging took a little back seat. I got in the habit of Instagramming and facebooking for quick little sneak peeks, but there's something about connecting in a big medium, with the images screen sized and laid out together... plus I don't have to come up with some snappy text, I can ramble on and on as I'm in the habit of doing.

I realize most people do their roundups in the New Year, but I'm not most people (AKA Whoops) and since we're fast approaching the middle of 2015, I thought I better do a round up of some of my fave family images from the end of 2014.

The Knols: The first thing people commented on instagram when they saw that photo of Sara and Gabe was: That hair! Then- Those kids. The clothes. Pure perfection- but don't be fooled the day was freezing and we were all moving around to stay warm. Family sessions don't have to be perfect conditions (and 99% of the time they aren't!) to capture the spirit of your clan.


The Warmans- Isn't Lily the sweetest little girl? They were all kinds of sweet, and loveable, quiet moments.

The Sargents: All giggles and goofing around. I am all for a session with PJs in bed and pillow fights in the living room.

family photos kelowna

The Kaltianens- My favourite Wheatgrass growing family. We wanted a sense of freedom and to capture their wild hearts and free spirits. Plus how cute is Ruby the Diva and Ryder the goofball?

Casey, Luc and Parker- I have a soft spot for plaid, knits, and fall- not to mention that little face is squishable.

Next week I'll share some of my fave maternity and newborn sessions- isn't it fun taking a trip down memory lane?