Momma feature- Teri-Lyn | Kelowna Mother's day photographer

Ok so first off- what do you think of the new blog space? Pretty bright and roomy right?!? I'm so very excited to have one of my momma features being the first post in this new space. Thank you all so much for the amazing feedback on this little project of mine. It has been such an honour to hear from some of my most favourite mommas and be able to share with you their stories, tips and insights. I only wish I had more time and space to dedicate to these posts. 

Up next is the lovely, amazing Teri-Lyn. I've been lucky enough to capture all the milestones of TL's motherhood, having shot her maternity, birth and momma and me portraits. She is without a doubt one of the hardest working moms I know, and one of the most giving. Her strength and insight blow me away and I am so proud of the life she is creating for her and her little man. 

First off tell me about your munchkin (age, stats, awesomeness):

My son, Jakson is TWO!  He is the most amazingly curious, loving little person.  He is full of personality and makes me laugh A LOT!  He fears nothing and loves going on crazy adventures with his momma and is the perfect co-pilot!

What's the most surprising thing you've discovered about motherhood?

How much I can love and how my love continues to grow each moment I am with my son, every time I see his face I feel more in love with him than when I saw him last.

What's your go to trick when all else fails and everything is falling apart?

When  Jak has a meltdown,  I’ll ask him if he wants to go find some ducks, he’ll start quacking like a duck and will forget whatever he was upset about.

How do you relax at the end of the day?

If I find the time to relax I will read a book or watch something on line that I can stream for free.  

Do you have any family rituals you've incorporated into family time?

After J & I finish dinner, we will usually go for a skate.  I put him in his stroller and skate all over the place. I’ve been doing that with him since he was 8 weeks old and we both love it.

What's your go to beauty routine?

I don’t wear a lot of make up; once in a while I’ll throw on some mascara if I think of it.  I will usually just put my hair up.

What's your go to, need to throw clothes on and get out the door, wardrobe staple?

My vans…I love them, they are the most comfortable shoe.

What's the best advice you received as a new mom? 

Listen to your intuition, you know your child better than anyone else.  

How do you balance your life/work and life as a mom? 

It takes a lot of planning and sometimes last minute rearranging. I’ve been very fortunate to have a great support system to help me, I am so grateful for my amazing family and friends. 

What are your favourite mommy-time rituals?

I love to skate…so alone outdoor skate time is a dream for me, especially if it’s a beautiful sunny day.

Anything else you'd share about being a mom?

It’s okay to break down and fall apart when things don’t work out the way you think they should, you can always start fresh the next day.  

Going overboard with the special occasion celebration/buying ‘stuff’ for your child isn’t necessary; all your child wants/needs from you is love, support and a knowingness of being the most important thing in your life.  

Thanks T!