Momma Feature- Krista | Kelowna Mother's Day Photo Session

Krista and I met in high school drama class. After we graduated and went our separate ways, Facebook brought us back in touch. When she approached me about doing a mom and babe session + family session, I couldn't have been more honoured. Krista is as beautiful inside as she is out. She and her daughter Love have the sweetest bond. While shooting their session I imagined them a few years down the road singing and dancing and whispering secrets. Here to chat about her approach to motherhood is Krista.

First off tell me about your munchkin (age, stats, awesomeness): Love is turning 1 on May 20th!!!!!! She is the absolute light of my life and the gauge on my happiness meter!!!

What's the most surprising thing you've discovered about motherhood? That even when I'm not holding her, I now rock back and forth (pretty sure I look a little crazy when this happens), and I haven't had a bath without bath toys floating around me in about 11 months....just too tired to be bothered to take them out;)

What's your go to trick when all else fails and everything is falling apart? Hakunamatata, that song instantly makes Love happy....and mommy a little batty after all of the times I've sang it, or played the scene on repeat;) but it totally works!

How do you relax at the end of the day? A bath with many bath toys..... And any type of reality TV trash!

Do you have any family rituals you've incorporated into family time? I sing "somewhere over the Rainbow " to Love every night before bed. It's a special time for us to be close. Josh plays the guitar to Love, we go on walks, basically we try to enjoy time as a family as often as we can!

What's your go to beauty routine? A great moisturizer and some mascara, I love not having to wear makeup everyday!!!!

What's your go to, need to throw clothes on and get out the door, wardrobe staple? Onzie yoga wear, or jeans.....and I'm always rocking Cons these days. The girl who didn't consider a shoe to be a shoe unless the heel was over 4 inches, now prefers the comfort of a good converse sneaker!

What's the best advice you received as a new mom? To soak in every moment, and to enjoy the simple beauty of seeing you child grow.

How do you balance your life and life as a mom? Love is my little homey, I try to bring her with me as often as I can, so she is able to experience new things. When I take some "me" time I practice Bikram yoga and I'm super blessed to have an amazing, hands-on husband who encourages me to have a balance!

What are your favourite mommy-time rituals? Walking into Love's room when she first wakes up to the most beautiful smiles. I then bring her into bed with Josh and I for morning snuggles, she laughs and chats non stop for 20 minutes straight, So cute! I cherish our nightly baths together and the content beautiful look when I sing to her before bed, is another fave. Melts my heart!!

Anything else you'd share about being a mom? I can truly say that I am the most fulfilled, happiest, proud, giddy, amazed, scared, tired, frustrated, and IN LOVE I have ever felt in my entire life. She has given me purpose and created joy and beauty in my everyday and I am so blessed to be on this journey with her. She is the definition of perfect for me!

Thank you Krista for the fun and amazing insight!