Sometimes I forget not all of you are on Instagram

... it's where I seem to be hanging out lately. I'm always a little overwhelmed by social media. Don't you ever feel like there's so much information out there that your brain might explode? And don't you ever look at people's lives on social media and think "wow, they totally have an amazing life!" But the thing is, it's all one dimensional. In all my photos usually just outside the frame there is a stinky dog in need of a bath, a pile of laundry in need of folding, or a general state of chaos about to explode in my face. But instagram has taught me to see the beauty in the moments. My kid is always caked in dirt and when I pause I think "yeah that's how I want to remember her". Because I remember being caked in dirt as a kid. I remember having adventures in normal circumstances and being a bad ass princess shooting bow and arrows (oh my lord three years olds crack me up) and I just want to remember that my life isn't perfect but it's beautiful nonetheless. Which all sounds a little Oprah so what I'm trying to say is if you want to take a peek into my world, my real surroundings, see shameless cute pics of my girlie, and the ingredients I use for dinner... well you might want to follow along.