Lauren & her Corvair sneak peek | Styled pin-up session

I photographed this beautiful woman and her gorgeous car on a night heavy with rain clouds. It could have been stressful, except that Lauren has this beautiful personality and calm, so instead the evening turned into an adventure. Cutting down roads we weren't sure lead anywhere and trying to out run the rain. When it eventually caught up with us, we just kept going. Lauren was glowing. Sparkling the entire time. Even though the weather had turned, and things weren't exactly as we'd envisioned, the shoot was a success. And it was because Lauren was able to let go, be herself and truly let down her guard.

I have to say a big big big thank you to Ashley Nitti from Mint Hair studio for Lauren's beautiful hair and makeup, and for bringing her sparkly personality along on the shoot. She stood in the rain and laughed, let me boss her around and was a super star. Thank you!!!