Krista, Love and Josh- Sneak Peek | Kelowna Family photographer

We broke this session up into two parts- a styled outdoor shoot of Krista and Love, and a more intimate indoor shoot of them as a family. I'm warning you now, this is heavy on images. I couldn't resist.

This session was so inspiring and beautiful for many reasons. First Krista and I went to high school together. It has been years since we talked, and this session brought us back together. Krista could always make me laugh. She and I were in a drama performance class together and my memories of those 2 years always revolve around Krista and I giggling, and probably not paying attention. She had a sparkle that most teenage girls are afraid to let shine. Fast forward 11 years later, she still has that sparkle only it's gotten brighter. There is something beautiful about a new mom, a new strength and satisfaction that embodies her.

Sweet baby Love, was an absolute dream. She took everything in, like she was breathing in every bit of information the world could offer, and blossoming from the attention her momma and daddy were giving her.

But possibly the sweetest part of the session, was watching Josh, watch his family- a sense of peaceful contentment and deep love lit him up from the inside out.

I came home with the warm and fuzzies even though the cold weather could have chilled me to the bones. They got something special these ones.