Watt Family | Kelowna Family Photographer

 I always think it must be so weird for kids when I come barging into their lives with my camera. I try my best to slip in quietly and introduce myself, but really who doesn't notice a big black box-y thing in their face when their trying to play with their family? Evan (the middle boy with that sweet little smile) wasn't sure about this whole thing. Instead of trying to bend him to my photographic will, I let him take us on an adventure that was filled with Giraffe and Lion hunts, exploring a new land and other adventures. His older sister Talia (who's name I am probably spelling wrong...) was a little gem, I wanted to steal and make my assistant. She would whisper to Evan and take him by the hand, setting up all these lovely vignettes so I could happily click away. And then there was the littlest one, Reeve, who was a bundle of giggles and wonder, happy to be part of his lovely, rambunctious family. I would be too if I was him.