Why photos are important... | personal

One of the projects I am currently working on, is a tribute slideshow to my grandma who passed away at the beginning of July. Sifting through the oldest images, I try to decipher who is who, giggle about the fashion, smile about her beauty and then get teary because these images are part of what's left. They are little secret pockets of time, captured and archived. I'm sure when she was taking the photos she wasn't thinking "years from now, one of my grand daughters will look at these images and wonder about my life..." but that's what's happening. I know her as a grandmother, and who she was to me, but there was more to her life... there were her dreams, her victories, her heartaches, her loves, and here in these boxes and albums are snippets of the layers that made up who she was.

These photos tell the story of the woman she was, and the woman she became. Photos of her life at the lake when she was a girl, photos of nursing school, of boys and dances, of her sisters, of her wedding day, of her babies, of her travels. They give a little more dimension, to someone I have known my entire life, and someone I will miss.

This got me thinking about why images are so important... I am the first to admit I tend to be behind the camera, instead of in front. There are lists of things to do, and pay for, and focus on, and a photo session doesn't always make it up on the priority list. But... but life is happening, now. We are who we are now. Not when our weight changes, or our hair grows, or our life gets easier. When there are so many reasons not to, the only reason to do it is sometimes because this needs to be remembered. All moments big and small, victories and heartaches, should be remembered. Your life is worthy of being remembered. Photos are pieces of your life that you can leave behind. Snap away.