Baby girl Olive | Summerland newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Olive- this little baby could make anyone all cooey and melting from the inside. But then little girly came into the world on the very day proclaimed for lovers and loving and all things love. Baby Olive was an angel throughout her photo shoot, barely a fuss and oh so sweet to snuggle. It's photo sessions like these that make me feel even more fortunate to be a photographer. Peeking into the lives of such a new family gives me goosebumps, because there's little bits of magic hidden in those first few days. Babies are just so surreal. Olive's momma kept saying "oh my god I can't believe I'm a mom, I'm a total mom." And I was like "I know. It's crazy." And it is. Suddenly just one day, there they are out in the world for you to explore together.

Anyways, here I am rambling on and what I really wanted to say is how totally, undeniably, crazy in love this couple was with their baby, and how lucky I was to be able to pop over to capture their newness.