That two-year old | Kelowna Children's Photographer

Sometimes I catch myself just staring at Elodie and wondering how she has gone from being this to a full blown two-year old. She brings this whole new sense of chaos and calm to my life, in ways I would never ever have thought possible. She drives me crazy with her incessant need to be right and have things her way (you do not need to be blood related to have a child turn out like you apparently) and makes me burst with admiration for her sheer determination to capture what she feels is hers to have a certain way. 

I had great intentions to have a birthday photo session with her. I wanted to celebrate her 2nd birthday with a big ol' bouncing bed fest, but oh how this intention went by the wayside. So the other day I caught her jumping on my bed (where did she learn this is fun?!) so I took a few shots of her sweet little naughty face and then hopped up and joined her.