Do you know that feeling when you ache for a moment as it's happening, like you're nostalgic for it as it's speeding by because you know it's going to be filed under the best section of your memory? I felt that way the entire time we were away in Nicaragua. I felt that way when I watched Elodie learning to speak spanish, and taking in all the newness in a world that's already so new to her. I felt that way when we let her watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse AGAIN because she was tired and sick of being in a plane, I felt it over breakfast of Huervos Rancheros, and when we were surfing, and when we were talking, and when we were quiet. I just felt like it was one of the best trips we've taken and for many mornings after we came home I kept waking up and expecting to be there. So in a whispered voice I'm going to admit

It's one of my favourite places ever. And some of my favourite moments ever. And the crazies that lead up to that trip and that have come since made it even more of an oasis. So I think I'll just stop there. I could go on about the details and the itinerary and where we ate and slept, but it's not the important stuff. What was amazing was travelling with a little bundle of wonderment who made me realize it was all fluid and we were just along for the ride.