Raina and Elodie | Kelowna Kids Photographer

Raina is one of Elodie's best friends. Elodie has known Raina since the day she was born and together they have navigated their small worlds.

I have a soft spot for red heads. Perhaps because, I too, have been blessed with red hair and know what it means to be this breed of human. Raina is every bit the red head. Fiery, passionate, stubborn, sensitive. She's taught Elodie to be a bit more aggressive, to stand up for herself and how to yell, but also to share and to be kind to her friends. And I think in turn Elodie has taught Raina to climb, to be kind, and to be gentler. They are wild when they're together- burning energy and playing until they are so exhausted they fall asleep. They fight like sisters, and love each other like sisters too. We're very lucky to have Miss Raina and her momma and daddy in our lives.