Vancouver Aquarium | Kelowna Portrait Photographer

Early this week we were down in Vancouver, Chad was in a conference so I decided to tag along and take Elodie to the city. Travelling with a toddler proved to be a little different than I'd imagined. In my mind we were going to have long walks exploring the city, eat out at fun places, hang at the beach. It was the perfect trip in my imagination.

However, reality is always a bit of a kick in the face. There were moments when she was exhausted and i had nowhere to take her, there were moments she decided she didn't want to wear shoes anymore and had a meltdown on Main st regarding her foot wear. (me: you have to wear shoes. Her: waaaaaaaaaaaa. Little kid walking by: why is that baby crying and why is her mommy looking little a heap of crap?) There were moments when I looked across the table and thought she was such an angel, and moments later she was rolling between tables and squishing her lunch into the floor. There were moments when I thought for sure my legs were going to break off from so much walking in stylish shoes and there were very few peaceful moments.

 If I were to do it over again, I would have looked into renting a condo where we could have established a bit more of a routine, because meals and sleeping were pretty much out the window all week. There were many great kid-friendly (but not cheesy) eating spots, which were little havens for momma and bebe.

• Sophie's cosmic cafe in Kits

• Cafe deux soleil

• Little Nest (we didn't make it but it was recommended over and over)

When we were both feeling peppy and pleasant we were exploring and I was generally trying to exhaust her endless supply of energy. These spots provided excellent adventures:

• Stanley park walk (she burned off major steam)

• Granville Kids Market (not for the faint of heart when it comes to noise)

• The Aquarium (pricey but well worth it)

I bow down and worship the ground you walk on, if you take your toddlers anywhere outside a day trip. You travelling families amaze me. I salute you.