Meet Jess & Bryson

What an amazing way to start off the summer, shooting the wedding of my old friends Jess and Bryson. Jessica and I became friends in ninth grade when we discovered we each had the exact same class schedule. Jessica is quite possibly one of the most radiant and kind people I know, with so much heart to share with the world. So it came as no surprise that she found her match in Bryson, the charismatic and sincere South African boy she met many many years ago.

I was so honoured to be part of their celebration and to capture the images of their wedding day, held on Hornby BC, a small island located between vancouver island and the coast of BC. Hornby was where Jessica grew up spending summers, and where these two lovelies eventually got engaged.

The wedding was a laid-back, family affair that was just as gorgeous and effervescent as these two!