talking to strangers

I love when people say little shocking things, or admit to tiny secrets, or blurt out something completely inappropriate. It always makes me feel a little more human. A little more connected. Especially when those people are a little bit foreign to you, like the grocery lady or the guy and his dog, or the mom who brings her kid to daycare.

I've been finding myself in this situation many times in short period of time. One mom revealed how she had fantasies about meeting some guy like the main heartthrob in a romantic comedy and he whisks her away and showers her with love. And then she said she knew it wasn't real life and real life was her son and her husband, but it's a nice thought when the boys are being F*** heads. But the best part was she didn't say anything like: oh I'm such a terrible mother/wife, how could I feel that way. She just said her piece and then laughed and went about her day.

A man walked past me and my dog and we said hello. He took this as an opportunity to tell me how he'd just moved back to town after years of living in Korea. He was lonely and had no job prospects. I nodded my head and he grinned. He eventually said he best move along and thanked me for listening.

I think I like these little revelations because they often reflect some piece of our humanness that we all feel. I think it's brave and curious to talk openly to someone you don't know, but I suppose in some ways it's easier to be honest with someone you're not invested in, than someone whose life is entwined with you own.

Have you ever opened your mouth and unintentionally your heart, to someone you barely knew? Do tell.