Kelowna Wedding Photographer by Katie Nugent


You believe in love right?!? I mean you must if you’re here, looking for info on a Kelowna wedding photographer who captures love for a living. 

I believe in love too. Not the sickly sweet, hollywood version, where everything is always wrapped in a pretty bow and ends with a sunset. I believe in the kind of love that is authentic. The kind that is raw and messy, quirky and fun and at the end of the day, is happy to see you with your makeup off, cozied up in your sweatpants.

Your wedding day represents every aspect of who you are as a couple. Your crafting, your planning, your friends, your family, your LOVE all collide in one big day of celebration. Suddenly your dress is on, the tie is tied, someone cracks a joke to lift the panic and remind you that your forever is waiting. Your people are there, waiting, watching, celebrating you. These are the moments that matter. The small moments you may not remember until you look back on your images and it all comes flooding back. At the end of the day, when the last bit of fun has been swept away you will have two things: your each other and your memories.

Your images should capture the real, raw, authentic moments. This is the beginning of your epic adventure. I want you to relive the moments over and over ever time you see your photos. That’s what I live for.

I live in the Okanagan but travel worldwide for work and would love to hear more about where your destination.